Day in Day out

I find myself looking for something meaningful to do.

In the process, the very first thing that comes to my mind is – what’s meaningful?

What’s meaningful, to me? Hmm something that could help other people? Something that contributes to society? or learning a skill? Bla bla..

Sometimes it just hits me that, it may not be that i’m just trying to do good. There’s a void, there’s a void to fill. Many people now are trying to go out of our comfort zone, experience something different. I ask myself, is this human’s way / attempt to evolve? Or are we desperate to escape a certain kind of reality?

I would always like to think human nature is kind, but maybe human nature is not. It is education and experiences that teaches us to be kind. So I must not give up learning. Instead of getting disappointed at myself not meeting a certain social standard or for being cold. I must learn that human nature is such, but in life, and in life’s lessons, these are my curriculum.

Some kind of breakthrough..


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