makes me most fearful is the fact that we have the freedom to do anything in life.

But in life, is the keyword here. If you believe in afterlife, this is probably when we start worrying about how well, we plan this life and questions like – have I had enough fun? I want to try that too. Oh and how about skydiving and the rest of bucket list.

I once met someone who told me he as no bucket list, because he believed in living life to its fullest everyday. He don’t want to live it by a list of things to complete. Well, that’s definitely some insight and a new perspective. But this same guy has a lot of strange attics about him that shoes he has many other baggages that he cannot let go of. It makes me incredibly curious and I want to know why he can be such a contradiction and why.

But i ask myself, how does it make a difference to me? and so what if i know? I have no answer for these questions hence, i did not pursue to know about the guy further. Well, it will probably take me quite some time to move along with matters of curiosity, but i try.

So there goes my train of thoughts. How did talking about my fears ended up in the topic of a living contradiction and saving my ass by not being too curious.