so in the past few months, i met a dude, fall in love, got into a relationship, broke up and back to where i am.

Well, i am not sure if saying, “back to where i am’ is apt, cos it sounds a little pessimistic, as if being alone is going back to some sort of a lonely hole or something. Guess, i just feel alone again.

He was a special dude, at least he felt special in the beginning. He seemed to have gone through so much in the early years of his life, hmmm okay, maybe no that early, considering he is already in his 40s. But well, he is worth a blog post, i think that says something. He is very interesting at the same time pretty warped. Warped to me is a good word, but in actual fact i think it isnt such a decent thing to be called warped. Truth is, i wish this person could be in my life for a longer time, cos there’s so much to find out about him, i am still very curious about how his mind works. But this bring me to a question, if i werent that into him, then why does it intrigue me to want to know so much about what is going on in his thoughts? Attraction can be such a strange thing, there are things that i would like to tell him, but once a relationship comes to an end, when somebody tells you that, ” hey, its not you, its me”… you instantly know that whatever you got to say, no longer matters to them.

well, going on and on about the encounter with this person, disturbs my mind alittle. I dont know if it makes me miss him? or does it make me melancholy. either way, I’m gonna stop here. I may continue, I may not… but today somehow, my brain juice flowed. so thats a good thing!

laters, alligatorz


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