So today,

i seriously asked myself the question – what are you doing with your life?

Well, maybe not my life. but what am i doing now? wasting time? finding reasons to justify the senseless things that i do?

i try to live the impulsive life, i try to be someone i wished i was. but well, maybe in the veins, im just that old fashioned, me.

i hate how cheesy it sounds to tell myself to embrace life, embrace who i am without going through a little mess, and a series of irrational events. but guess, i cant just create these events for myself, so i could find clarity out of them. That would be, lame?

My mind is clouded, clouded by i dont know what? mostly self inflicted confusions.

Its time i clear this up. and if i were to mess up, the mess better be well worth it!


Cheers mate!