these days

has come, where i think i may not be able to escape the emotions that i resist.

ration tells me to be just, to give people the benefit of doubt, for we all have double standards, as the globe is round.

but my heart, stings. my heart, swings. telling me that principles are cheap. talk is empty.

many times, i want to put my past behind me. walk on, with new perspectives and hopes. but we all know, our experiences make us – we can never erase or remove them. They are meant to be. hence, i learn to co-exist. This skill is tough, i’m struggling to keep my head above water. Struggling to stay balanced.

what is it that matters? sanity? kindness? happiness? or validation?

i have a bad habit. i discount people of their credibility, mainly from ignorance.

ironically, i think of myself as a sophisticated, complex being. but i lack the capacity to care, to empathise. and the only way is through The Son, where i can forgive, where i can love.


God bless my soul.