at this age

where i am supposed to feel old and ready to blossom into a mature adult, i felt more like a hopeful teenager than i ever did..

i feel the excitement lying ahead of me, anticipating uncertainties, and i am very surprised where this gush of enthusiasm came from?

but nonetheless, i am embracing it and feeling as hopeful as always. i just hope this is not because i’m bi-polar or something!

fingers croxx!



Emotion gates


I’ve got lots of feels running through like current within me. bad and good ones both.

I cant seem to put them into words.. i dont like to summarise my thoughts of the year esp during this point of the year. it’s just that the emotions and thoughts and experiences i have been through in the past year has so much significance and impact on me.

I hope i can do more than what i have already done, but i give a pat on my shoulders cos they were all my very best.

Whenever i try to pen down my thoughts, i seem to beat around in circles – frustrating.

well, 2016 see you tomorrow.